Meaning Of Me As A Baby On TikTok And Some Good Examples

You might have seen videos of a puppet with a green pointy hat on TikTok if you have been on the app recently. Its strange little appearance has been the subject of many different memes, with some users even dressing up as the creature in order to mock it.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the puppet, the reason for its popularity, and why users are commenting “me as a baby” underneath these videos. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the latest – and strangest – viral sensation to sweep TikTok.

What Is The Me As A Baby Puppet?

There is an account called @mestreensinador1, which means ‘master teacher’ in Portuguese, which is the creator of Me As A Baby Puppet in TikTok.

A series of videos on this account follow the journey of the puppet as he travels from the moment he is discovered after being unearthed as a buried treasure, to taking part in a variety of adventures, such as attending mysterious rituals, frolicking in the woods, and falling from space to earth. Although the puppet is not voiced, its mischievous nature and general oddity have earned it the love and support of countless fans across the app because of its mischievous nature and general oddness.

There have been some videos that have been adopted as meme formats as a result of the use of these videos. There has been a lot of discussion about the falling to earth video over the past few years, with users adding their own take on it. There were hundreds of accounts that reposted the video with captions like “Me crashing back down to earth after…” or “Happiness returning to my soul when…” This was an all-purpose meme that could be used for any occasion, with hundreds of users creating their own versions.

However, the meme potential of this odd little puppet was far from being exhausted. In addition, another popular trend developed in which parents showed videos of the puppet to their toddlers and told them that the puppet was them as a baby when they were a child.

There were many of these videos that became smash hits as audiences enjoyed watching the different reactions of the kids to the different situations. There were some children who immediately accepted that they had been the little creature flying around and dancing in the woods, whereas there were others who refused to take the bait. It was as a result of this that the videos of the puppet received an overabundance of comments saying some variant of ‘me as a baby’.

Examples Of The Me As A Baby TikTok Trend

Here are some of the most popular videos of the trend so that you can get a better understanding of what the puppet is all about. I hope you enjoy watching the original falling to earth video, one of the meme versions, and some parents having fun teasing their kids with the falling to earth video.

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